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Our Boob Tube is Coming

A KVSC Trivia Weekend team since 2007

The "Founding Fathers (and mothers)" of our trivia team are SCSU alumni and all have spent countless hours working with UTVS's simulcast of the KVSC Trivia Weekend. So after years of involvement with Trivia Weekend, there was no way we could go without it! And so Our Boob Tube the trivia team was born. As all good teams do, we gathered our family and friends, gallons of caffeinated beverages, mounds of food, our Google ready computers, phonebooks and other print sources, and piled into a basement so that we couldn't tell what time of the day it was based off of the sun.

As a younger team in the history of KVSC's Trivia Weekend, we have made our mark by landing in the top third of teams! Keep an eye out as we come charging up the ranks as our team grows!

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